California Highway Patrol Save A Kitten Trapped On The Golden Gate Bridge

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Traffic can be scary and frustrating for anyone, but when you're an innocent little kitten stuck in the middle of a hectic fray of automobiles on one of the largest bridges in the U.S., it's easy to see how you could be terrified. And that's exactly what happened to this sweet kitty last Saturday.

Marin County California Highway Patrol received a call from a concerned driver who reported a fearful feline on the Golden Gate Bridge. Officers immediately went to investigate, despite knowing the odds were against them.

Officers didn't spot the cat at first but after continued efforts, they somehow spied a little furry head peek out from the middle of a busy median barrier. Rescuers stopped traffic to go rescue the poor fur baby.

And though the cat was likely in general shock, the cops were just as shocked that it had somehow safely managed to get that far into the middle of the busy bridge without getting hurt or killed.

One of the responders, Officer Smith, took the cat into his custody care. He took the kitty to a local VCA hospital to get treated. The hospital ran all sorts of tests to treat the furball, and when the CHP officers offered to pay for the services, the vets insisted — based on the cat's harrowing backstory — that the treatment was on the house.

The kitty doesn't have a microchip or any sort of tagging. So CHP hopes that by posting the story and pictures online, they'll connect with any possible former owner. Until then, though, the temporarily named "Bridges" is being fostered in a loving home.