Is This Dog Mayor Now The Most Trusted Politician In The US?

In these tumultuous times, it may feel like you only ever read bad news. But this week, at least, that isn't true. Behold Mayor Brynneth Pawltrow, the dog mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Mayor Brynn, as she's called, is a 3-year-old rescued Pit Bull, and she won her position fair and square. In November 2016, the Rabbit Hash Historical Society held an election to determine the new mayor of the town. Brynn won with 3,367 votes, beating out a Dachshund, "Stella the Fat Cat," a chicken, and a small child named Isaac.

Each vote cost $1 to cast, with the money going toward the rebuilding of the town's historic landmark General Store.

Brynn ran on a platform of peace, love and understanding. Her owner, 23-year-old Jordie Bamworth, says Brynn "doesn't want to judge anybody for how they look, or their political stances, she will love them no matter [what]."

Mayor Brynn is the 3rd Mayor of Rabbit Hash. She succeeds Mayor Lucy Lou, a Border Collie who "broke the glass ceiling" by becoming Mayor in 2008.

In January, Brynn was sworn into office, and she's been doing important work ever since. She makes appearances at events, walks the streets to meet her constituents, and spreads her message of love and acceptance.

We hope Brynn continues to climb the political ladder throughout her career. Will America be ready for a dog president in 2020? Only time will tell.