24 Dogs Who Have Pinterest-Worthy Hairstyles

Some dogs are gifted with not just fur, but beautiful heads of hair. And, despite the fact that they don't spend hours researching styles, they naturally can rock some looks that will give any normal person some serious hair envy.

1. Check out these beautiful, highlighted beachy waves.

2. Here's a cute summer braid for festival season.

3. Of course, any braid can make you feel particularly pretty.

4. Add in some bows and finish the look with a playful face.

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5. When you can rock that video vixen wind-blown style.

6. Sometimes, wind blowing in your face makes you feel like the true beauty you are.

7. When that new cut has you feeling like a queen.

8. Some dogs can rock cute fluff while others basically own the look.

9. This pup has perfect red color with highlights that many people pay big bucks for.

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10. When you and your crew know you look good.

11. Here's an emo style with a hint of glam.

12. And then there's a glam style with a hint of emo.

13. When you know you have perfect hat hair.

14. Some furry friends' natural style is a major fashion statement.

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15. When you don't spend too much time on your hair in the morning because you've got effortless natural waves.

16. That feeling when you're on the cutting edge of a beautiful new style.

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17. If you decide to go bright for the summer — go all out.

18. This puts the man-bun to shame.

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19. When looking good makes you feel good.

20. This dog makes bed head look adorable.

21. This pup has perfect spikes, no gel required.

22. When a blonde mane is your main attraction.

23. A little blowout can make anyone feel beautiful.

24. Looking like the king of both the jungle and the salon.

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