This Dog's Dreamy Maternity Photos Will Remind You The Clock Is Ticking

Ignite the Beacons of Gondor! We have a 5-alarm fire, nay, an inferno burning our mortal hearts a cinder.

We are not brand new to the world of adorable dog phenomenon here at Cuteness HQ. We've seen newborn kitten photoshoots, betrothed retrievers, and we basically wrote the book about dog pregnancies — but this is different. This is beautiful.

Three words: dog maternity photos.

Dog mom Elsa — Miss Elsa if you're nasty — shared photos of her good girl, Fusee, who is not only about to give birth but also wears the heck out of a crown of roses.

"My best friend is 8 weeks pregnant so we decided to do a maternity photoshoot," the excited soon-to-be grandmother posted to Twitter.

So much awww!

Best news ever: Fusee has given birth to an adorable litter of puppies.

We can't even contain ourselves.

Now, how can we snuggle time with those puppies?

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