Watch Huge Dog Politely Remind Woman To Leave Her Man Alone

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It's not pretty, and it's often petty β€” but we've all been jealous of others who have what we want.

In this case, a behemoth 10-month-old Newfoundland named Nuk the Bear wants these humans to stop hugging each other and send the sweet taste of cuddles his way.

It's common for many dog moms to find their pooches are jealous of boyfriends and spouses, but Nuk wants his owner's girlfriend to lay off, so he can have his best bro all to himself.


Clearly, these two are hugging buddies.

They bathe together ... wait, what?

Pose shirtless together ... not awkward at all

But seriously, can we put together a GoFundMe to get this dude a shirt?

Anyway, Floof. It looks like you're going to have to tolerate your man's sideline girl for awhile.


Nuk does not look okay with this.

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