Facebook Doesn't Want You To See These 21 Extremely Naked Pets

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Animals might not wear clothes, per se, but most of them have their own form of cover up. Dogs and cats have fur, birds have feathers, you get the idea. Here are 21 totally naked, hairless animals who are more confident in their birthday suit than you.


1. "Yes, I'm comfortable with full frontal."

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2. "Thanks, Bae."

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3. "I happen to like my curves."

4. "I have zero issues with public showers."

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5. "All that hair was doing was hiding my massive muscles."

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6. "Draw me like one of your French girls ..."

7. "Did that hair make me look fat?"

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8. That moment when you walked in on a BUNCH of us naked in bed ...

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9. "I do well on Tinder."

10. "Just take a little off everything but the top."

11. "THIS is what body confidence looks like."

12. "It's not weird if we're ALL doing it naked, right?"

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13. "You look uncomfortable. Why do you look uncomfortable?"

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14. "You have to eat healthy to keep a body like this."

15. "My backside is my good side."

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16. "You say 'alien,' I say 'fiercely unique.'"

17. "That moment you get caught sneaking out of bae's room naked."

18. "People can't stop staring at my cheeks."

19. When you're underdressed for an event but you just own it.

20. "I only hot tub naked."

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21. "'Flasher' is such a strong word."

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