These Pet Owners Perfectly Rock Twinning Manicures With Their Pets

Nothing makes you feel more put-together than a good manicure. And apparently, that's true for humans and pets alike. Thanks to one teen's viral picture of her feline's matching mani, people everywhere are sharing their secret obsession of colorfully coordinating with their animals.

Animal lovers happily show off pet-icures of their cats and dogs.

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It turns out, furry creatures everywhere have been sporting fancy paw-dicures for a while.

And, like the original viral tweet, many pet owners have chosen to match their fur friends colorful looks.

It's important to note that mini manis and pet pedis done with traditional nail polish can be harmful and dangerous to your fashionable fur friend. Many of these pictured animals are decked out with nail caps.

Nail caps are a safe animal accessory that allows your pup and kitty to look super stylish while chasing their tail or a laser pointer.

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So if you're looking for a reason to go all matchy-matchy with your furry bestie, here some inspirational pictures of fellow pet owners who have done just that and gotten amazing results.

1. These two win the gold.

2. You can go intricate while your fur baby stays more subtle.

3. If your nails are on-point, theirs should be too.

4. Absolutely blue-tiful.

5. Sometimes you can match in tone if not in color.

6. It still counts as twinning if your pet's nails match your outfit.

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7. Looking this good is as addictive as catnip.

8. With a little confidence, you and your pet can pull off any look.

9. If you're going through an emo phase, why not bring your pet right along with you?

10. When you have accents on your nails, your pet should have an accent nail.

11. Even a little sparkle added can make you feel closer to your sweet animal friend.

12. When you get fancy on your own manicure, you should let your feline friend feel fancy, too.

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13. A little extra beauty treat can easily turn that frown upside down.

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