Dalmatian Gives Birth To 18 Puppies — Sure, It's Not 101, But It's Still A Lot

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If you ever watched Disney's 101 Dalmatians as a kid and thought, "OMG COULD THAT REALLY HAPPEN?" the answer is no, of course not — 101 is a ridiculous number of puppies for a single litter. However, this real-life Dalmatian mom did just give birth to 18 puppies, which is about as close to the Disney dream as we're going to get IRL.


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The dog mom in question is named Miley, and she set a new world record for the largest Dalmatian litter in Australia, AOL reports.

Miley's 18 pups were born on May 18th and Miley's breeder, Cecilia Langton-Bunker, and an awesome little girl named Lulu are the humans helping take care of this massive litter.

In case you're not an expert in Dalmatian litter sizes, the average litter is 8-10, which makes Miley's delivering VERY impressive. It's the first of its size in Australia, although a dog in the UK gave birth to an 18-litter puppy in 2009.


The puppies are all happy and healthy, which is the only thing that REALLY matters (although a new record is pretty cool too).

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