Doctors Wanted To Put This Legless Puppy Down, But Look At Him Now

Meet Nubby.

He was born earlier this year — without his front legs, but with a ton of HEART, FIGHT, and WILL TO LIVE.

Because the other puppies in his litter were crowding him out, he was struggling to nurse from his mother.

For this reason, a veterinarian recommended that Nubby, then just 3-days-old, be put down.

Enter Lou and Mark Robinson, a married couple that lives in Hillcrest Manor, a suburb outside of Houston.

The founders of WEAR ("Warriors Educate About Rescue"), a nonprofit that aims to curb the number of pet euthanizations in the United States, they were determined to give the struggling and tiny boxer puppy the help he needed to overcome his disabilities.

But they knew next to nothing about caring for neonatal dogs with mobility issues.

So they did what we all do these days: turn to the internet and research, research, research.

As The Dodo reports, the duo discovered that Nubby would have to be bottle-fed at an angle, less the fluid pool dangerously in his lungs, a condition known as aspiration pneumonia.

Slowly, though, the days ticked off and his health stabilized.

In an interview, Lou had this to say about her little fighter.

"Day three came and went, day seven, day 10, day 16 and Nubby thrived. He thrived! His eyes opened, his ears developed, he found his sounds, smells and voice."

While the absence of forearms and paws will forever hamper his ability to move freely (and 3D-printed prosthetics could potentially alleviate it), Nubby doesn't seem to know he's any different — and he's already finding ways to overcome the handicaps he was born with.

"He is smart. He is active. He is learning to do an army crawl, and is trying to get up onto his back legs by pushing off from his face."

Like a kangaroo, he's figured out a way to hop around.

And even fake scrap with the other doggos that live with the family.

Lights out, y'all should be exhausted! They better be sleeping in late in the morning!

Posted by Nubby Bowlin on Saturday, July 1, 2017

Thanks to a harness, he even goes on walks outside.

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And with the help of a special feeder designed around his needs, he can self-feed without any trouble.

He's also spoiled rotten by the Robinsons, who make sure Nubby is included in everything they do.

Sometimes that means cooling off in the pool.

And sometimes it means cheering up the local firefighters.

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This very good boy is also a regular on trips to the supermarket and hardware store, where everyone just wants to fawn over him with pets and scratchies.

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Naturally, he's also a huge fan of riding in cars, because, hey, what dog isn't?

Now about 6-months-old, Nubby has grown rapidly and is approaching adulthood.

But some things — like his favorite place to snuggle — never change, and you'll still catch him curled up on Mark's shoulder at night when the Robinsons Netflix and chill.

Writing on a Facebook page created to document his adventures, the family had this to say about their beloved Nub.

"What is his future? Who can tell? One day at a time. Will he stay and join our 4 girls as a one of our pack? Will he move on to fulfill someone's life? Time will tell, but right now, one glorious miracle day at a time. I have to think he landed at Hillcrest Manor, in this craziness over here, for a reason, he is going to make it.

We believe. We cannot THANK YALL enough, literally cannot put in words the support of community. The prayers, well wishes, love, the donations."

If you'd like to make a donation to help defray the costs associated with his care and that of other animals diverted from euthanasia, you can do that here.