Cat Loses His Job At Library But Then The Amazing Happened

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By now, you've surely heard the news: Browser, the beloved library cat in a small Texas town, was controversially asked to find a new residence. But don't worry, Browser's story has a happy ending: He's staying, thanks to an international outcry.


Browser was brought into the library in White Settlement, Texas, in 2010, as a means of solving a rodent problem. Like many library cats, Browser quickly became a mainstay of the community. Lillian Blackburn, president of the Friends of the Library, says Browser is beloved by all. She also points out that Browser "even [has] his GED because he sat in on all the classes."

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However, the community soon found out that not everyone was a Browser fan. On June 14th, the town council passed a motion, proposed by Elzie Clements, that evicted Browser, giving him 30 days to relocate. Clements, along with fellow council member Paul Moore, cited allergies and the library's pending renovation as the reasons behind the motion.


But the town White Settlement wasn't having any of it, and neither was the rest of the world.

Eight people spoke passionately in favor of Bowser at the town council meeting. After the meeting, 700 people signed a petition to allow Bowser to stay. But that was just the beginning. After that, an additional 12,000 Browser supporters signed a petition on to allow him to stay. A pro-Browser Facebook page has over 4,000 likes, and the library's own Facebook page received comments from around the world, all expressing support for Browser.

On July 30th, a special session of the town council, which was broadcast on Periscope by a reporter, voted unanimously to reinstate Browser.

Elzie Clements put forth the motion to reinstate the cat, claiming it was so the council could move on to other business. After the decision was announced, the crowd cheered. Browser gets to stay at the library and will continue to be a pillar of the community.



The town's Mayor, Ron White, said he received over 1,000 messages from people from "everywhere in the United States as well as Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Guam, and England," expressing their support for the bookish feline.

You can follow Browser's adventures on the White Settlement Library's Instagram. Browser could not be reached for comment, but appears to be happy about the decision.