31 Sad-Eyed Puppies Who Will Never Ever Forgive You For Bath Time

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Facebook is full of dumb things — your uncle's racist political rants, tired memes stolen from Twitter and cut into screenshots, the poke as a tool for casual flirting — but the Cool Dog Group is not one of them.

Boasting more than 400,000+ members, it's a nonstop carousel of pictures and videos of doggos both big and small living their very best lives. And because the mods keep it on lock, the forum remains largely free of any commercials, flame wars, viral spam, or the like.


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In other words, it's pure AF.

Earlier this week, one of the members shared a snap of her German shepherd getting a rinse in the bath. Accompanying the LOL-inducing picture was a cheeky caption that was seeded with a hilarious call-to-action:


"Such abuse. Worst dog mom ever. 😔 Saddest pupper eyes during bath time contest?"

As the image was incredibly relatable, it prompted a flood of reactions and photo comments anchored around other mortified dogs pouting, sulking, and/or enduring the embarrassment that is bathtime.


Because we try to find teh cute in places we might not expect to find it, the best of the bunch are collected below for your scrolling pleasure.

"Spilt milk got nothing on me."


"That puddle of mud? I REGRET NOTHING!"

"You're posting this WHERE?"

"Emotions fade, Dave, but memories are forever. Don't think this is something I'll forget about!"

"I can't believe we fell for it. AGAIN."

"They're always telling me I'm a good boy and yet here we are."

"Let's switch spots and see how much you like it."

"I don't know that I'll ever be able to trust you again, human."

"Just one more indignity heaped on another."

"You might want to put your sunglasses on because I'm about to throw mad shade."

"How did it come to this?"

"Remind me again why the cat is exempt from this treatment?"

"Why have you forsaken me?"

"Hello, 9-1-1. I'd like to report my owner for animal cruelty."

"When they turn away, let's hop out and push them in."

"My shame will be your shame."

"I'm plotting my revenge even as we speak."

"This IS my resting bitch face."

"Put me in here again during this lifetime and you'll find a surprise waiting for you on your pillow."

"Why this betrayal, mother?"

"Holding hands won't get you off. This is going on your permanent record."

"No amount of treats is worth this."

"rrr do not like water noodle"

"I think I speak for both of us when I say this sucks eggs."

"By the power of the head tilt, you will know my disappointment."

"WTF is this ish? You said we were going to the dog park!"

"Oh, I hear you alright, I'm just choosing not to listen anymore."

"Those are nice loafers. It would be a shame if something happened to them."

"We may need to revisit that whole 'Man's Best Friend' thing after this episode."

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