Island Full Of Rescue Puppies Will Make You Pack Your Bags Immediately

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Not sure where to take your next vacation? Don't worry, we have you covered. Buy a ticket now for Providenciales, a tiny Caribbean island in Turks and Caicos. That's where dog rescue charity Potcake Place has set up shop. Basically, Potcake Place invites visitors to come hang out on a beach full of rescue puppies.


Not only is this a primo Instagram photo op, it's a chance to do something good while playing with a puppy and enjoying a day on a beautiful beach. Playing with the visitors helps the puppies socialize before they head off to their forever homes, BuzzFeed reports.

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The rescue organization was started in 1997 by a woman named Jane Parker-Rauw. She was inspired to start the shelter after she noticed how many puppies were wandering the beach alone.

"We have found these short puppy excursions to be invaluable to the puppy's development," she told BuzzFeed.

Now, the shelter helps match more than 500 pups with homes every year. They started inviting guests to help socialize the puppies in 2010 and, obviously, it's been a hit.

And Potcakes sets tourists up with everything they need to take the puppies on their socialization walks β€”the puppies all wear a harness and a collar. The dogs are kept on leashes and visitors who walk them have to keep the dogs in the shade, pick up after them, and only dole out approved treats provided by the shelter.


Unsurprisingly, people love the program and Parker-Rauw says that sometimes the line to get a puppy to walk starts two hours before the shelter open, especially during peak tourist season.

But the important thing for anyone planning a visit to the puppy beach to remember is that the walks are for the dogs β€” not for the entertainment of visitors.

"We want people to understand that this is not an excursion and that we are doing it solely for the benefit of the puppy," Parker-Rauw said. "Please be understanding if either no pups are available or if the one that you want is not."