An Animal Rescue's Deadly Warning For People Walking Their Dogs

Getting bitten by a poisonous copperhead snake can be fatal for a human, so imagine how terrifying it is when it happens to a tiny puppy. That's exactly what happened in East Tennessee recently.

Five adorable hound puppies were in a foster home through Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue when they were bitten by a Copperhead snake while playing on their foster parent's porch. The effects of the bites were immediate, as the puppies began to swell terribly and whine in pain.

An Animal Rescue's Deadly Warning To Dog Walkers
credit: Go Fund Me

The shelter had no choice but to take the pups to an emergency vet, where they underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The therapy involves placing them in a high-pressure chamber to rapidly increase body tissue healing, WBIR reports.

Rescue's Deadly Warning To Owners Walking Their Dog: "Beware of Snakes"
credit: Facebook

They were also given serums (which cost $900 per vial, according to the shelter) to counteract the poison. While the clinic donated the hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for two of the pups, the shelter was still hit with huge bills for their treatment — totaling more than $8,000.

The shelter said that the bills could potentially shut them down and started a Go Fund Me page to raise the money to cover the costs of treatment. The page has raised $10,700 — well over the $8,000 goal. The additional funds were put toward the puppies' aftercare and medicine.

Rescue's Deadly Warning To Owners Walking Their Dog: "Beware of Snakes"
credit: Go Fund Me

The puppies have since made a full recovery and been placed in loving homes, according to WBIR.

We're so happy the puppies made it through their ordeal safely, and this is a great reminder for pet owners to protect your pets from summer hazards.

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