Chimp Asks Zoo Visitor For A Hilarious Favor

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A crafty chimpanzee at the Welsh Mountain Zoo is going viral for obeying his thirst.

New video captures the primate requesting a shot of soda — and soundly rejecting a banana offered in its place.

After motioning to a plastic shopping bag sitting on the ground, the chimp coaxes an obliging human visitor into sharing her soft drink — in this case, a bottle of delicious Mountain Dew — through a slot in the windows that line the zoo's chimpanzee exhibition.

Finding the corn syrup-enriched sugar water agreeable, the ape points again at the women's beverage and asks for seconds. When prompted with a crescent-shaped plantain, however, the fussy chimp shrugs, only to double down on his original order.


Watch the monkey business, which is all very relatable, below:

The ease with which the entrepreneurial animal acquires this sweetest of nectars is striking, leading us to think it's learned behavior developed over time.

And perhaps it is because in a second video, what appears to be the same chimp uses sign language to communicate an even more radical request: Opening the window!

While that plea is less persuasive and ultimately falls on deaf ears, it does speak to the species' incredible intellect and ability to convey its thoughts in unexpected ways.


And in the end, it's probably for the best because, as they say, give an inch and they'll take a mile.

One day you're jailbreaking apes from their pen at a zoo and the next you're shackled in chains and bowing in fealty to your new simian overlords.

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