These Pictures Prove Telling A Pregnant Woman Not To Get A Dog Is A Big Mistake

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Puppies and children are natural best friends. And, even though they're both a lot of work and require constant maintenance, the bond between them is worth every paper product used to clean up while they're (both) being potty trained.


Imgur user adderly posted recently that they advised their sister not to get a dog while she was pregnant. The user likely figured that newborns are an incredible amount of work and wanted to protect her from being over-stretched. Luckily for everyone, the sister didn't take the advice and got a young puppy for her newborn daughter.

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And the chronological picture album of love adderly recently posted shows over a decade of joy a dog can bring into anyone's life — especially when you're lucky enough to grow up together.

2007: The pair's first meeting with only one month age difference.

2008: By now, these two were already inseparable.

2009: Playtime is better when it includes puptime.

2010:  Car song of choice: Harry Nilsson's "Best Friend" on repeat.

2011: Constantly falling over themselves for each other.

2012: Little kid arms are the perfect size for giving excellent dog hugs.

2013: She has the cutest school escort on the block.

2014: BFFs don't care when your hair turns gray.

2015: Another human has been added to the pack, and this dynamic duo doesn't seem to mind at all.

2016: The pup's just happy to be hanging with his bestie, even if it means humiliating himself a little.

2017: The dog had benign tumors removed and his BFF remained by his side every step of the way.

Sure, we all realize that the final chapter of their story will inevitably inspire more tears than the last 15 minutes of Toy Story 3. But bonds like the one between this dog and child create lasting memories and respect for our furry fellow creatures. These pictures are beautiful reminders of how precious life is and how lucky we are when we get to share it with unconditional love beasts like this dog.


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