15 Funny Animals Photoshopped Into Ridiculous Situations

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With great technology, comes great responsibility — to create adorable mischief and fabricated high jinks.

1. They're starting a new band.

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2. "That'll be 50 cents, please. Refills for a quarter."

3. No words will ever do this piece of art justice.

4. This one wins the Cuteness "Seal of Approval."

5. Coolest cat ever burns rubber in the local parking lot, more at 11 p.m.

6. Maybe pigs really can fly.

7. We'd pay good money to watch this match IRL.

8. Eggcellent work!

9. Recess with a rhino skipping rope > all other recesses.

10. Just a chill cat surfing the cosmos, NBD.

11. "I'll take the Number 4 and I want it supersized."

12. Literal funny money.

13. Photoshop me like one of your French girls.


15. "Is dog chow allowed in the barracks, Private Pyle?"


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