17 Dummies Getting Way Too Close To Wild Animals

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Animal lovers want to be near every animal they see. Of course, that's not always the best idea. Here are 16 people getting WAY too close to wild animals.

1. This guy riding a whale shark like a surf board.

2. This guy getting attacked by a bear (cub, but still).

3. This lady getting cuddle attacked by pandas (try not to be jealous).

4. This guy who decided to cuddle with a grizzly in the woods. As you do.

5. And this guy, who ... same.

6. This guy who overestimated his ability to tame a wild horse.

7. This guy who apparently has a tiger for a roommate.

8. Just swimming with lions, NBD. Spoiler: Lions make terrible lifeguards.

9. This guy who seems to have forgotten that otters are predators, technically.

10. Seriously, did no one see Zootopia?

11. This guy who appears to be mansplaining to an ocelot.

12. This guy who has very animal-friendly shampoo, apparently.

13. This guy who made us realize it's our dream to be chased by a baby horse.

14. This guy who was right in the way of dolphin play time.

15. This guy who is basically making out with a squirrel.

16. This guy who is BFFs with his local raccoon.

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