21 Animals Who Are Living Their Best Lives This Summer

We're deep in the middle of summer and you might think you've been enjoying yours. But you don't know what "enjoying summer" looks like until you've seen these 21 animals who are having a better time this summer than you ever could.

1. "Pool time. Excellent."

2. "THIS is the moment of purest bliss."

3. "Those days you just want to be in the pool for hours without getting wet."

4. "Those days you want to do nothing but get wet."

5. "Going to be THAT GUY in the pool and I don't even care."

6. "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

7. "MY bubbles."

8. "Remember when summer was as simple as playing with the hose in the backyard?"

9. "Actually, it still is."

10. "And humans can come, too."

11. "I'm just going to rest my eyes ... until September."

12. "Summer style = best style."

13. "Surf's up."

14. "Can someone do my back?"

15. "Literally, what you and your friends think you look like when you get to the beach."

16. "It's like that episode of Friends. I'm a big fan of Friends, obviously."


18. "But like really. CAN WE?"

19. "You can't play this game in the winter. You'd slip on the ice and THAT would be awkward."

20. "They see me rollin', they hatin'..."

21. "Ditto."