This Exploited Breed Could Save Your Dog’s Life Because Of A Unique Trait

If your dog ever needs a blood transfusion, you better hope there are some greyhounds around.

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According to NBC News, retired racing greyhounds are doing good by donating their blood, because the breed typically has a universal blood type that any dog can receive.

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A group of 55 greyhounds are donating regularly at the Ohio State University veterinary school and their owners say they don't have any problems when it comes to donating.

"If you think about it, it's no different than when people need blood donations," veterinarian Guillermo Couto, who works with the OSU blood donation program, explained.

The dogs who participated in the blood donation program receive free food and vet care, which helps provide an incentive for families to adopt them after their racing careers are over. They only donate four or five times a year — the rest of the year, they're just regular pets.

"To think they are in good, loving homes and they have been rescued from a difficult racing life — that's a positive thing," PETA spokeswoman Daphna Nachminovitch said.

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