United Airlines Lost A Rapper's Dog Because Air Travel Just Keeps Getting Worse

Just when you thought the horror stories about the airline industry couldn't get worse, rapper ScHoolboy Q has come forward with a new story about United Airlines losing his dog during a layover, _The Washington Post_ reports.

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ScHoolboy Q, whose real name is Quincy Matthew Hanley, said he was traveling with his dog, Yeeerndamean, from Missouri to Burbank, California. When he arrived in Burbank though, it wasn't Yeerndamean who was waiting for him, but someone else's dog.

Somehow, the airline had mixed up Hanley's dog with an other passenger's during a layover in Denver. Instead of landing in Southern California as planned, Yeeerndamean ended up in Chicago, more than 2,000 miles away.

The rapper tweeted about the incident on Friday:

According to the airline, Hanley and his dog were reunited on Friday night.

"Our customer's dog was safely reunited with its owner Friday evening. We have been in touch with our customer to sincerely apologize for this mistake and are providing a refund," they said in a statement.

Anyone with a pet can sympathize with how scary this situation would be, but we're glad that it was corrected so quickly and hope that Hanley and Yeeerndamean are doing okay now.