Watching This Shelter Cat Climb Mountains Will Make You Want To Get Outdoors Right Meow

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When Denali found his forever home with Sandra Samman in Colorado, a dynamic adventure duo was born.

Since being adopted, Denali has been camping, rock climbing, hiking, road tripping, and everything in between all over the country with his rescue mama. She even lets him off leash to explore his surroundings!

Colorado's 9 News went on further to describe this fearless feline, "He usually hangs out in a special pack on her back, although he also wears a harness and a leash when he feels like getting his paws out to explore."


Paddle boarding on Alpine Lake in Colorado.

Hiking a mountain near Indian Creek, Utah.

Testing the ropes before a climb.

Hiking on a weekend excursion.

His Facebook page described him as “a fun outgoing adventure cat, always seeking adventure. I love living on the edge and climbing to new heights.”

Denali is pretty much the coolest cat around! You can follow all his adventures over on this Instagram!

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