You'll Never Guess What Employees Caught A Grumpy Goat Doing To Their Office

Employees at a small Colorado office saw all the signs of a break in when they came into work one ill-fated morning. Their glass doors had been shattered, but nothing inside the doors seemed to be touched. Staff checked the security footage to see what kind of assailant might be responsible for such destruction.

What they found bah-ffled them. It turns out, the faulty party in this glass-shattering mystery was an unruly goat with an appetite for destruction.

The video was shared to Reddit where people all over the internet were quick to comment with puns — everything from "you've goat to be kidding me" to "cud you stop it please" and "that goat is udderly ridiculous."

Sure, it's possible the grumpy goat saw his reflection in the mirror and thought it was a rival coming after him. But we like to think he just really likes smashing the glass.

Luckily, no additional property was destroyed and nobody, except the goat's reflection, was harmed.

Follow your bliss, billy!