Almost Everyone Loved This Dad's Doggie Pranks At His Daughter's Wedding

Part of the fun of getting married is having all of your loved ones surrounding you. Saying, "I do" in front of the people (and pets) you love the most makes the day even more special. But Hillary Bontempo Bowles she faced a major problem when her sweet pup Leo couldn't make it to her wedding.

Bowles was having a destination wedding, which made it hard for her sweet pup to get to the ceremony. And since she and her soon-to-be-husband were headed off to their honeymoon directly after their nuptials, having Leo around was even more complicated — even though they both clearly love their canine companion.

Despite their best intentions, the couple had to drop Leo off with Hillary's dad, who would then take him to a doggy resort before heading to the wedding himself. But Hillary didn't realize that her dad had a special surprise planned to make sure Leo could be there — at least a little bit — after all.

The bride-to-be got a text from her dad jokingly saying that her pup had "broken out" of the resort and had joined him in the car.

In reality, her dad made a life-sized cutout of the pup and carried it along with him to the wedding.

He even took it for pee breaks just like the regular Leo.

And, despite not being real, the cardboard canine even made doggie friends.

Having Leo there, even just in cardboard spirit, made the couple so much happier on their magical day.

Though Leo was technically at a dog resort, thanks to the bride's dad, the cute floof at least made cameos in the wedding picture. And he was commemorated in all pictures and memories right along with his mom and dad on their marvelous day.