31-Pound Cat Poses Hefty Mystery For Local Animal Shelter

Workers at the Chatham County Animal Shelter in North Carolina are trying to get to the bottom of a big-bottomed mystery. A cat was recently dropped off at the shelter as a supposed stray. But this is no ordinary stray cat — the feline weighed in at 31.4 lbs!

So unless he was eating all the other stray cats around him, he was living a luxurious and gluttonous existence before he was found. Because it's clear this cat was well loved (and very well fed) they are trying to get the word out to the cat's owner.

Posted by Chatham County Animal Shelter on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The workers at the shelter were shocked by the cat's size. A typical domestic cat should be around 8-10 lbs, though some breeds can get up to 18 lbs. That makes this furry friend bigger than the biggest breeds at their largest size.

While a plump cat is quite adorable, the workers also hope to find the owners so they can all chat about proper dieting procedures. Any cat owner is well aware that the animals do whatever they want most of the time anyway. But it'd be helpful for this cat to cut back a little on the available snacks until he sheds some pounds

The original shelter's post has gotten lots of shares and momentum. But so far nobody has claimed the king-sized kitty.

The cat is being well taken care of and watched over. Hopefully, the original owner can be found and reunited with their big baby. But, no matter where it ends up — whether it's back in its original home or with a loving new family — its health will need to be monitored intensely until the sweet big guy is back in decent shape.