Woman's Heartfelt Obituary For Her Dog Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Saying goodbye to a pet is by far one of the most difficult parts of being an animal lover. So when Lee DiBella bid her loving dog farewell, she did so the same way anyone would for any beloved family member by penning a touching obituary for her canine companion so the world could know and share in the loss. But when she shared it with her local Connecticut paper, they didn't publish the tribute since it wasn't for a human.

Close up lonely face of black dog
credit: pinkomelet/iStock/GettyImages

Luckily for all of us, she tweeted at her local NBC affiliate, who published the obituary. She begins by describing her beloved dog as one who "quickly became a dog legends are made of."

Brian, her furry bestie of 11 years, was as a playful, lovable, and wonderful dog. The way she describes Brian is so familiar, it will make every dog owner want to hold their precious pup extra close (which she also encourages at the end of the piece).

She writes, "Some of Brian's favorite activities included barking at things not there, cuddling alongside you, taking over his mother's bed, licking his butt, acting like a spazz when it was time to be fed, and trying to figure out who exactly was 'the good boy.'"

If that doesn't already have your eyes welling up, she continues her tribute with a beautiful reminder of just how much joy pets truly bring into all of our lives. She explains he will be missed by many, but mostly by his mom (DiBella herself), saying "Through thick and thin, she loved him with all her heart, and though the pain she feels without him is great, it in no way would compare to having never had him in her life."

She ends the obituary in traditional fashion, saying which if his family members survives her beloved pup and who will be there to welcome him over that rainbow bridge. Brian has a sister, Frigo, who is struggling with the loss of her best friend, according to an interview with DiBella.

You can read the whole thing online. Just prepare yourself with some tissues and a few minutes to recoup afterward.

Saying goodbye is bittersweet. And DiBella's perfect mix of humor and heart makes this doggie obituary — like the dog it pays tribute to — truly legendary.