Try Not To Be Jealous Of The Fattest Cat On Instagram, Okay?

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Say, "hello" to Rooster the Cat.


At first glance, this gray-haired kitty looks like your average house cat that's maybe had one too many snacks. But looks can be deceiving, friends.

If you check out Rooster's Instagram page, you will see that this fatty is nothing less than an absolute Renaissance Man, or, shall we say, Renaissance Cat. From music, to film, to countless international journeys, Rooster has seen and done it all! Try, just try, not to be jealous.

Video of the Day

Exhibit A: Rooster in Space

One small step for man, one giant leap for this fabulous feline.


Oh ya know, just Rooster chillin' with the penguins.

"Sup, guys!"

Can't forget to hit up the jungle gym.

Literally, just an average Rooster day.

Quick trip to Holland, anyone?

This is my happy face.


Now a true Renaissance Cat must be hip to the best in film and music. No worries, Rooster's got it covered.

Some "Thriller" action.

"Me and Mike go way back."

"I, of course, do some singing of my own."

The force is strong with this one.

Bowie: Nuff said.

These two ... good times.

And then ... there is the food. Oh the food!





Only the classy joints for Roost.

"Paws off my breadsticks."

Rooster, dear friend, you have lived quite the life, endured quite the adventures.

You deserve every vacation you get.

Cheers to you!

And yes, we're definitely jealous.

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