Kitten Born With Cat-Shaped Nose Is Doubly Adorbs

It's never polite to stare, but a cat in Japan has folks on the interwebs shaking their heads — and seeing double!

Behold this stray kitten, whose tuxedo coat includes a signature element: A cat-shaped splotch of black fur stamped directly on the feline's nose!

Said to be one of four littermates but the only to be so marked, the inky mouser was spotted in an alleyway by twitterer TOKAITRICK_bot, who promptly shared video and images of this unique specimen on the microblogging platform.

A closer look at the distinctive silhouette reveals a loaf-like figure at rest, complete with pointy ears and rounded rump. (Sounds about right ... )

More than 55,000 retweets later, the kitto has since spilled over to the social web where he (?) is riding a wave of viral fame — and Christopher Nolan / Inception jokes.

Here's hoping this special kitteh one day crosses paths with the puppy born with a selfie on his ear, whom attentive readers of this here website will remember we covered previously in the year.

Come on internet, let's make this happen!