Somebody Build A Catwalk For This Long-Legged, Pretty Kitty

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Finding a precious pet to adopt is easy to do. There are so many loveable fluffies in need of a new home. One in particular, gathered internet fame and a forever home due to one trait that really made her stand above the rest: Her insanely tall legs!


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The one and only, long-legged Quenda was found without a collar and no microchip earlier this year and was being cared for by Cat Haven WA, a cat welfare shelter in Western Australia.

When the organization posted a pic of the statuesque beauty on their facebook page, the internet, naturally, exploded.


Instant fan Kat Black commented that Quenda, "needs her own Instagram page - leggy model + cat, perfect!" while others compared her to Kendall Jenner and swore she was ready for the catwalk. We couldn't agree more.

Quenda was adopted shortly after the facebook post went up by a loving family that will have to get used to this model kitty's growing fame. Perhaps a reality TV show is in order? Keeping up With Quenda? We'd totally watch that.

In the meantime, we'll just continue to admire this fierce feline with legs for days.

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