Cute & Cuddly Or Gross & Disgusting? African Land 'Snabbit' Divides Internet

Like art, cute is all in the eye of the beholder.

And the eye — the collective eye that is — is fixed right now on an obscure African land snail with an unsettling, bunny-like resemblance.

Peep the weirdness, which has been dubbed the 'snabbit' by some, below:

Does it give you feelings? It's giving us feelings.

And judging by the chatter the image has kicked up on Twitter, it's giving the internet some uneasiness too.

There were takes, and they were 🔥 🔥 🔥.

NOPE was the sentiment expressed by most.

Others were a measure more conflicted.

This man didn't really care about any of that — he just wanted to add filters for LOLs. (Good job, duder, we salute you 👏 👏 👏)

And because some were naturally covetous of this trending oddity, it prompted an obvious line of questioning:

As the thread started to viral out (45,000+ retweets gotta count for something), the original poster, @whatmaddness, added much-needed context: The image wasn't hers and was likely snapped in Russia by an unknown photographer.

But back to the polarizing question at hand: Is the snabbit cute and cuddly or gross and disgusting?

To crack this code, I posed the question to my fellow writers and editors here at Cuteness in a thread of my own:

Not surprisingly, the results were mixed, which is to say they mirrored the larger convo.

Take Briana, for example, who was simultaneously repulsed — and intrigued. (THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!)

Allegra, Cuteness' resident dog whisperer and "pawdcaster," had no such reservations about the snail's adorableness, penning a succinct, ALL-CAPS response:

A similar degree of enthusiasm was voiced by Sara, who crafts our Facebook feed — which you absolutely should be following, BTW — with patience and aplomb.

"I love snails. There are a lot near my apartment and when they come out in full force, i've been known to watch over them until they make their way across the sidewalk—no snails under shoes on my watch! This snail looks like a cross between a snail and a bunny because it has kind of a split lip like a bunny.

But I wonder … does that person's arm end up with a coating of slime? That could be a decision maker."

Another writer, Amanda, shared in a Twitter DM that she was smitten with the snail's "nose" and "heft."

For what it's worth, the weirdest comment came from the top of the editorial masthead.

In a chat over Gmail, the site's managing editor, Ryan, professed a desire to touch the subject: "I'm fascinated and disgusted and kind of want to hold it just once."

Sadly, Ryan probably won't have that opportunity.

According to science, these snails spread diseases and wreck ecosystems by dunking all over the native species — and hence, imports into the U.S. are strictly prohibited by federal law!

So, CUTE or NAH? Share your thoughts on the African land snail, aka the 'snabbit', in the comments below!