Owner Dangerously Walks Dog From His Car

Every dog owner knows that, though your dog may always be in the mood to go outside, you're not always as enthusiastic about going for a walk as your pup. But someone in Arkansas happened to catch a dog owner who tried to take a very dangerous shortcut to "walking" their dog. And the visual they captured can be a warning for everyone.

The Maumelle Friends of the Animals Shelter posted pictures taken from a video captured by a concerned animal lover. They explained that the video, which captured a man pulling his dog for a "walk" from his car in a parking lot, was shot by the third party on a recent Friday evening and shared with them afterward.

It is unknown if the driver of the vehicle suffers from limited mobility but regardless, the shelter warns all dog owners that it is "never okay to walk your dog from a moving vehicle."

Maumelle Friends of the Animals Shelter cautions owners that it's nearly impossible to tell if the pavement is too hot or spot hazards like broken glass from their vehicles and that this practice is an "accident waiting to happen."

Shelter officials also say that while they did not post the entire video to help protect the privacy of those involved, they do assure the public that the matter has been turned over to proper authorities who are investigating the dog owner.

Sadly, many residents who saw the Facebook post claim to have seen similar incidents in their own neighborhoods.

Though there aren't yet updates about what happened with this poor pup specifically, hopefully, the shelter will keep everyone concerned updated.