Adorable Husky Gives Birth In Woman's Mercedes & Please Don't Tell Her Husband

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When it comes to crazy birth stories, you probably think of women trapped in elevators or giving birth in the backseat of a car on the way to the hospital. Who knew the same thing happened to dogs?

A husky named Debbie was close to delivery when a woman named Jennifer Taylor decided that, instead of letting the dog give birth at a shelter, she would give her a ride to a nearby foster home called Texas Sled Dog Rescue.

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"We knew this dog was pregnant, but didn't think she was quite ready to go," Jennifer told The Dodo. "My first thought was, 'Oh no, not now! A shelter is no place to have puppies. This is not good timing, mamma, you're supposed to hold them in until you get to your foster home.'"


Debbie didn't make it to the foster home though — when a baby needs to come out, it needs to come out, and two of her pups were delivered in the backseat of Jennifer's car. Luckily, Taylor has fostered about 500 dogs and owns an SUV that she specifically uses to transport her foster pups. Unluckily, in her hurry to get Debbie to her new home, Jennifer took her husband's Mercedes instead of the SUV.

As Debbie was giving birth, Jennifer posted a picture and a request to friends not to tell her husband (who doesn't have Facebook).


Jennifer got Debbie to her house, where she gave birth to a total of eight puppies.

We're sure Jennifer's husband did find out about the backseat birth — but we're also sure he couldn't possibly be mad because Debbie and her babies are all adorable.


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