Just 21 Animals Who Love You So Much & Never Want You To Leave

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When most of us are around animals, we can't stop with the cuddles. These humans were too stingy with their love and these clingy animals were NOT having it.

1. "Don't leeeeeeeave meeeeee."

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2. "Whoa, whoa. You were doing it right and now you're doing it wrong."


4. "I said, 'PET ME!'"

5. "Neither one of us are going anywhere now."

6. "Good luck leaving me without your luggage."

7. "Here, I'll walk you through what to do."

8. "I trapped in a prison of my own loneliness."

9. "But ... I can change."

10. "Could you ever really say goodbye to this face?"

11. "Wait for us!"

12. "Not cool. So not cool."

13. "Dignity is overrated."

14. "I'll just tag along. That's cool, right?

15. "Don't make me beg ... or do. That's okay too."

16. "Are you comfortable? Because I could stay like this forever."

17. "Stay! No? Okay, I'll just come with you then."

18. "You said we were FOREVER."


20. "Shotgun was taken."

21. "Strength in numbers."

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