The 18 Most Hilarious Pet Photos Of The Century

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What did we ever do to deserve pets?

1. Is this how Jack felt at the end of Titanic?

2. "Hello? Yes, this is dogs"

3. How people see me verses how I want people to see me

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4. So pure. 12/10 for gentle noms.

5. Or should I say Hypurrrrloop? (soz, not soz.)

6. "Much resemblance, very inception, wow."

7. Y u dew dis 2 me, hooman?

8. Fake it until you make it!


10. "And the Oscar goes to ... "

11. Best. Tweet. Ever.

12. If he said jump, I'd ask, "how high?"

13. I can has legendary Master Sword? #itsdangeroustogoalonetakethis

14. FACT: Boarder collies > border collies.

15. "What manner of sorcery is this?"

16. It's the thought that counts, amirite or amirite? #goodboy

17. The door will only open after the upload is complete.

18. No soup for you!

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