Adventurous Doggo & Kitty Couple Sail Around The World With Their Humans

By Marissa Leotaud

Matt and Jessica Johnson took the ultimate plunge back in 2011 when they decided to quit their day jobs, sell all of their possessions, and sail around the world because, why not?

Matt and Jessica
credit: MJ Sailing

One day while visiting Lake Michigan, Matt saw the sailboats on the water and commented that he'd like to do that someday. Jessica, being quite the adventurer herself said, "Let's do it!" and off they went!

Now as fabulous as the story begins, it only gets better as we learn that the married couple were accompanied by their adorable pets!

It started with Mazzii (short for Maserati).

Matt and Mazzii
credit: MJ Sailing

Mazzii, the adorable Johnson doggie, loved spending his days on the high seas.

Mazzii at Sea
credit: MJ Sailing

With the sun on his face and wind rushing through his floppy ears, Mazzii was the sailing king of the world!

King Mazzii
credit: MJ Sailing

Check out Mazzii getting in some good snuggles with Dad after a leisure swim.

Matt and Mazzii
credit: MJ Sailing

Now, we all know every king needs a queen and Mazzii was no exception. That's when Georgie (short for Georgiana) arrived.

After two-and-a-half years of Mazzii ruling the sailboat, Queen Georgie moved in and made herself right at home.

Georgie loves sailing with dad!

And getting her cuddles!

But Georgie is definitely a momma's girl.

Sailing Cat
credit: MJ Sailing

Because girl time is oh so important.


But it's not all fun and games. Georgie is quite the serious sailor.

credit: MJ Sailing
Sailor Georgie
credit: MJ Sailing

Never afraid to look towards new goals.

Georgie Looking Up
credit: MJ Sailing

And then reach them!

Georgie by Ladder
credit: MJ Sailing

These furballs are always up for a new adventure.

But views like this one make all the hard work worth it.

The future's looking bright for these two.

Georgie Georgiana
credit: MJ Sailing
Mazzii Relaxes
credit: MJ Sailing

Cheers to Mazzii, Georgie and endless sea adventures to come!