Orphaned Kitten Steals Hearts And Productivity From Office Workers

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There are days when it's hard to concentrate on getting your work done. And that's especially true if you happen to be distracted in the office by an adorable little furball, like these lucky employees.

A Redditor posted photos of a kitten her coworker brought in one magical day.

And, understandably, productivity plummeted since all people wanted to do was play with the meow-velous little creature.

The kitten is being fostered by one of the office workers who brings their unbelievably cute pal everywhere to give them extra love.

Which is obviously such a burden.

The kitten seemed to adjust nicely to office life, enjoying everything from the morning coffee ...

... to the afternoon happy hour.

It even helped out with the phones though its approach was, admittedly, untraditional.

According to the original poster, sa3belle, the kitten was a very welcome stress reliever for everybody at the office.


Now that the whole office has experienced what it's like to have a kitty coworker, they never want to go back to an all-human workspace. And, based on these heart-meltingly cute pictures, that seems like a totally reasonable request.