18 Animals You Could Definitely Spend A Friday Night With

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Anyone who has a pet knows that sometimes the best weekend plans just involve chilling with your furry friend. Some pets, however, put the literal animal in "party animal," and here are 18 cuties you could DEFINITELY spend a Friday night with.

1. That feeling when it's FINALLY the weekend.

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2. Literally, the best news ever.

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3. We bonded over our common interests — food and wine.

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4. Truer words were never spoken.

5. "You SAID, 'hold my glass.'"

6. THIS is how it's done.

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7. "Do as I say, not as I do."

8. "I made a spread."

9. Priorities.

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10. Stealth.

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11. "It's a costume party. I'm dressed as 'every annoying frat guy you met in college.'"

12. "This is Friday night, not Monday morning."

13. "Trust me, I GET it."

14. Because you NEED mental and liquid prep.

15. "Sorry, there's not enough to share."

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16. Intense focus.

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17. Theme night.

18. Basically you and your best friend (furry or otherwise) at the end of the night every Friday:

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