Young Pup Says 'Thank You' To Mom & Nobody Can Handle The Cuteness

Learning a new language can be rough — especially if your native tongue involves mostly saying, well, "ruff." But for a little dog adorably named Brownie, picking up words in English seems to come naturally, and his delighted mom has video proof of his paw-gress.

The young pup was clearly working on his manners when he repeats "thank you" to his mom, Angelica.

Like any fur parent, this mom totally melts when her baby listens to her request and answers in her native tongue, rather than simply barking or growling back. She happily squeals, "Aw, I love you!"

Between Brownie's adorable face, heart-melting whines, and , he's a pretty super little pup.

After the video went viral, Brownie has been adjusting nicely to his newfound fame. In fact, he's being pretty chill about the whole thing according to a posted update.

Angelica also claimed that her baby boy doesn't just say "thank you." He's got all sorts of polite vocabulary up his sleeve. According to one tweet, he even said "bless you" after a sneeze.

And he certainly has the personality — and energy — to learn even more vocabulary.

Of course, pet owners and animal lovers know the creatures are always communicating with us. But it sure does make it easier when both of you are lick-terally speaking the same language.

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