20 Stylish Cats Who Wore It Best

Cats are the epitome of class and style. Humans, not so much. Check out these kitties with better taste than you.

1. Cats can get away with wearing a tiara.

You cannot. Even on your birthday. Especially on your birthday.

2. All cats know that accessories make the cat.

Cat with bowtie
credit: drake66

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I hope that you're not embarrassing your cat with a boring plain collar.

3. You look like an idiot when you dress up for festivals, but these cats know how to wear a head piece.

Cat wearing flower on head
credit: saskpirate88

4. This dapper cat puts us all to shame.

5. This fancy kitty dines on sashimi while you enjoy grocery store California rolls.

6. Do you even have a cardboard box?

Cat in cardboard box
credit: TheMightySP

Or do you sit in a chair like a loser?

7. This spoiled kitty has her own bedroom set that matches her beautiful fur.

8. You go camping. Your cat goes glamping.

9. This tortie has better taste in music than most people.

Cat siting on records
credit: scrumbumply

She's listening to Bowie on vinyl. I don't even want to know what you're listening to right now.

10. This sophisticat dresses for dinner and only eats crunchies out of a martini glass.

Cat eating food out of martini glass
credit: catadastra

You're probably wearing sweats and eating Dominoes out of the box.

11. This tip-toeing beauty shows off her good taste in being a cat.

Cat in flowers
credit: Mandakaye

You're probably a human.

12. "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have." This kitty is ready to sail!

Take a hint.

13. Maybe just let your cat pick your outfit.

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14. Have some standards like Prince Bowie.

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15. Good taste is easy to recognize!

When you're a cat!

16. Some feast is fancier than others.

Fancy Feast dressed up with human food
credit: TheDBAdude

17. This human is living up to his cat's high standards and enjoying a meow-tini.

Cat and man in tuxes, drinking fancy drinks
credit: Blackrose11

I'd imagine it feels good to be as elegant as a cat. I'll never know for sure.

18. Another human who gets it.

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19. This cat has a sweet ride and does indeed "have it going on."

I don't. Neither do you.

20. smh

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