This Cow's Resemblance To Kiss’ Gene Simmons Is Udderly Uncanny

Moo-ve over Gene Simmons because KISS may have a new frontman. Longtime lovers of the iconic rock group are totally going to have a cow when they see singer's animal doppelgänger.

The resemblance is udderly uncanny. He even poses with his tongue out, which makes the two look like twins.

According to the Hill Country Visitor Facebook page who posted calf's picture, the animal was born on July 28 of this year in Texas. Because of the crazy resemblance to the iconic KISS singer, they named him Genie. And they playfully questioned where the rocker was at the time of this cow's conception.

After his picture went viral, little cow sure seems to be really milking his 15 minutes of fame. And, luckily for everyone, there isn't any beef between the human and cow versions of Gene Simmons. The singer saw the animal's picture and enjoyed it as much as the rest of the world.

Though Genie was originally bred for meat, the owners have admitted they won't be eating this extraordinary animal. They're going to keep him around as a mascot. They've even admitted that the cow happily listens to KISS, enjoying his namesake's music.

Maybe the rocker and the cow may even collaborate on a song — or even just photoshoot — in the future. That would be a real barn burner.