OMG, There's A Dog Named Grandma Dot & Her Story Will Make You Use All Your Tissues

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This is one of those stories that you may need to read in installments to give your heart time to bounce back and forth from breaking to melting. Ya ready? Okay!


Meet Grandma Dot.

Pretty great pup, right?  Here's where it sucks: This sweet, deaf, 8-year-old girl has never known a life in a home.

She was recently brought in to LifeLine Animal Project shelter in Atlanta, and the shelter's veterinarian had some more awful news: Grandma Dot had a cancer that couldn't be treated. (We know.)


Because of this terminal diagnosis, the shelter could have opted to put her down. (It gets better. Keep reading.) But the staff became determined to find this friendly, gentle, dying dog a home with someone who would become a foster hospice parent.


The shelter would provide medication and other support, and the "fospice" parent would make sure Grandma Dot's best days were still ahead of her.

Around this time, an angel-on-earth named Jessica Miller was completing her volunteer orientation at the shelter, which ended with a tour to meet the dogs. The tour guide described Grandma Dot's tough life, and the mission to get her in a home for the rest of her days.

Miller, in an act of selflessness that few of us could muster because Grandma Dot's fate is too sad, decided to adopt her. She reasoned that "Grandma doesn't have much time, and I want her to be in a loving environment for whatever time she has left." (And the floodgates are open!)


As you can imagine, everyone was over the moon to see Grandma Dot finally have a forever home. Despite how long forever may last.

Grandma is currently living her best life! Jessica posts daily video journals on her Facebook page. Grandma loves riding in cars, going on walks, and having pretty much whatever she wants for dinner.

We can't love this more. We're balling, but we love it. Jessica Miller, you are a hero in our book. And Grandma Dot, you are a very good dog.

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