Man's Bread Baked In Shape Of His Pet Tortoise Is Toast Of The Internet

A friend in knead is a friend indeed.

That's the takeaway from a trending tweet this week that went a little against the grain.

It all started when Neil Slorance, a political cartoonist, baked a loaf of bread in the likeness of a turtle and set the carb-y confection side-by-side with Herman, his 15-year-old pet tortoise.

"My day? Oh y'know, made a bread version of my tortoise then showed it to him.", the Scottish man wrote on Twitter.

While Herman seemed a little nonplussed by his doughy doppelgänger at first, that awkwardness quickly gave way to an affectionate friendship.

Or was it something more that crossed the boundaries of good taste? In a second snap, the tortoise can be seen leaning into the foot of his twin for a tiny peck, which prompted a stern rebuke from Slorance.

"Herman no," he warned.

Cannibalistic or no, the internet was rather enamored with the meet-cute and the original post — like the bread itself — quickly rose under the heat generated by 15,000+ shares to snag a spot on the microblogging platform's coveted "Moments" tab.

That exposure, in turn, triggered a wave of punny jokes. Like this one, which should win all the awards.

"A turtle eclipse of the heart" = 👏 👏 👏

And this one.

This one was also a pretty smart take.

Even Slorance himself found shell-ter in clever wordplay: "I used the recipe for @PaulHollywood's bloomer then shaped it like a tort :)"

But perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised here.

Though Slorance's professional bread and butter (sorry, not sorry) are comic strips developed around newsy beats, he routinely shares baking projects with his 11,000+ followers.

In fact, this image was posted to his feed earlier in the summer, captioned simply "2017 goals."

And having hit this lofty loafty target, there was only one thing to do: Toast up the replica and eat him for breakfast (in front of his shocked real-world analog no less).

"Aw no I turned his pal into toast :0"

RIP, bread loaf Herman, you certainly deserved a butter fate. 😉