Someone Actually Counted How Much Pets Poop & The Amount Is Shocking

You might feel like your dog or cat poops a lot — and you'd kind of be right. Dogs and cats in the U.S. produce about 5.1 million tons of feces every year, according to a new UCLA study. To put it into perspective, the Great Pyramid of Giza, which you can see from space, weights 6 million tons.

dog on toilet seat reading newspaper
credit: damedeeso/iStock/GettyImages

So, what does that mean (other than a lot of stooping and scooping for pet parents)? It means pets could be impacting climate change. Seriously.

American pets generate 64 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, according to the UCLA researchers. That's the equivalent of more than 13 million cars driving in a year.

According to UCLA geography professor Gregory Okin, part of the problem might be how well we feed our furry friends.

"A dog doesn't need to eat steak," Okin told CBS. "A dog can eat things a human sincerely can't. So what if we could turn some of that pet food into people chow?"

Okin doesn't want us to get rid of our pets — but he would like us to feed them less meat, for the environment's sake.

"This analysis does not mean to imply that dog and cat ownership should be curtailed for environmental reasons, but neither should we view it as an unalloyed good," he explained. "It is clear that a transition to pets that eat less meat, and therefore have less environmental impact, would reduce the overall US consumption of meat."

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