Fashionista Dolly Pawton Is The Diva Chihuahua You Need In Your Life

If you thought that sassiest HBIC on Instagram was some celebrity or model, then think again. Because the true winner is tiny, has great fashion sense, has no time for flakes, and typically travels with her own playlist. Oh, and she's a teacup chihuahua ready to take on the world.

Her name is Dolly Pawton.

Dolly takes her punny name from one of the original divas herself, and she totally lives up to it. Dolly loves to pose for the camera in the most fabulous fashion. And she does it all with a dose of humor and sass that will make your day.

We could all learn something from Dolly's outgoing, unabashed confidence.

"They say you are what you eat, but I don't remember swallowing a f*cking legend 🤔😜 #SundayFunday#FoodPorn #🍔"

I don't know, Dolly. All that deliciousness looks pretty legendary to us. Seriously, she's making us hungry.

Dolly lives life to the fullest, and we totally support that.

So how did such a small dog come to live such a big life?

According to her two moms, Lucy and Stella, it all started with beanies. In an interview with GSN, Stella explained, "The fashion stuff really sort of started with beanies. We got a couple of Topshop beanies ... put her in them, and she rocked it like a pro."

"My Pom Pom brings all the boys to the yard 😉"

Rock them she did.

And from there, Dolly used her fashion to express her sassy personality.

"I don't know how to flirt, imma just stare at you until you marry me 😜 "

"They said I could be anything so I became sexy"

"I don't have resting bitch face, I have an active f*ck off face 😜👋🏻👋🏻"

But while she may be sassy, Dolly's life actually has a higher purpose.

Dolly's fame has allowed her to be vocal about an issue she really cares about – LGBT rights.

As a proud member of an LGBT family, Dolly wants to bring awareness to the important issues of LGBT rights. For this year's pride, Dolly posted a very emotional message on Instagram. "My Mums lost family when they came out. My one Mum lost both parents. The mental abuse got so severe it was almost detrimental to her life. They say I rescued them and all of you gave them a family when the effects of losing parents, relatives, and friends were unimaginable. This is what Pride represents for us. Unity. Coming together with like minded people who celebrate love."

Because it's not enough that Dolly's the fiercest pup to ever cross into our lives. She's also gotta save the world. But we get it. A diva has to live her life the only way she knows how to — LARGE. But Dolly totally proves that the biggest personalities come in the tiniest of packages.

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