17 Traveling Dogs Who Will Inspire You To Go Somewhere New

If you're ever browsed a discounted-flights website or perused a unique locale on Instagram, then you know the feeling of being bitten by the travel bug. But don't worry, that feeling isn't just a human thing. Our dogs clearly feel it too.

1. Make sure to stop at all the most important sites.

2. They order just the right breakfast while onboard a Disney Cruise.

3. They know that travel offers us the chance to see all the natural wonders.

4. And boy, do they enjoy the great outdoors.

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5. They know that the world's stunning sights can totally blow your mind.

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6. They're sailing through life without a care in the world.

7. They celebrate all the world's amazing cultures.

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8. They won't let a little chilly weather get in their way.

9. But they also love to bask in the sun.

10. They know it's a lot of fun to travel with a buddy.

11. They know new experiences can help bridge the differences between us.

12. They take the time to stop and smell the flowers.

13. They make sure to take in the local experience.

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14. They get giddy at the thought of seeing all the tourist attractions.

15. They just get so excited to see all the cool historical sites.

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16. They love nothing more than a dip in perfect, clear water.

17. And they always find the best view.