19 Pets Who Are About To Have A Fight With Their Humans

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Here are 19 pets who might want to claw your eyes out, but, OMG, they're still so cute!

1. Disturb this one at your own risk

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2. Freeze! You're under arrest for being adorabable!

3. Not sure who's going to pounce first, but something is clearly about to go down.

4. This kitty that brought cuddly backup who will mess you up ... then lick your face.

5. "You want a piece of me?"

6. "I. Said. No. More. Scarves."

7. Can a cute kitty in a box be terrifying? The answer is not no.

8. When someone rudely wakes you up from a napπŸ’€πŸ˜‚

9. When your resting bitch face is basically just your face.

10. This human is definitely going to get a wrist bite.

11. "I said no siblings!"

12. Aaaany minute now ... she's gonna get ya.

13. When your human forces you out of the pool before you're ready.

14. Admire this one ... from a distance.

15. "Okay, which one was picking on you?"

16. Attack of the enemy claws!

17. "If my arms were any longer, you'd be in serious trouble."

18. "I scratch you. I lick you. I love you. I hate you."

19. When you accidentally wake up your kitties ... so they decide to kill you.

Hopefully, these little guys find some peace in the world. Until then, we'll keep enjoying their unending cuteness!


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