This Incredible Service Dog Is Trained To Protect A Seizure-Stricken Woman

When most people think of service dogs, they think of seeing eye dogs, but man's best friend can be trained to do so much more. Some dogs can be trained to provide medical alerts if someone is about to have a seizure or attack. Others can be trained to support people with balance issues or to help create a safe space for people suffering from anxiety disorders or PTSD.

An amazing dog named Colt helps protect his owner, Janaye, from injuries when she's having seizures.

After Janaye suffered a head injury in 2012, she needed protection from further injuries — like those that could be sustained during seizures, Mashable reports.

Janaye posted a video of her and Colt practicing his training. "This is just us keeping up with his training," she wrote with the video. "I have to test him on everything that he knows often to make sure he still does it all reliably. He is trained to do this in a certain way that keeps both him and me safe."

One of Janaye's friends is currently raising money on GoFundMe to help her buy a new wheelchair that will make both her and Colt's lives easier.

This Incredible Service Dog Is Trained to Protect a Seizure-Stricken Woman
credit: GoFundMe

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