This Insane Dog-Sitting Job Listing Is Making The Internet Cringe

It's a sign of strength to ask for help. And when a couple living in San Francisco reached out to the internet to find some help organizing their lives, they wanted to make sure they found the absolute perfect person.

Being a dog lover seems to be the easiest part of a now-viral Craigslist post.

This Insane Dog-Sitting Job Listing Will Make You Cringe
credit: Craigslist

A few of the odd job requirements include having long hair, being able to make wood furniture, and knowing martial arts.

This Insane Dog-Sitting Job Listing Will Make You Cringe
credit: Craigslist

It's also important to this couple that anyone watching over their dog also know how to ski and be a fan of HBO's Silicon Valley.

The Craigslist ad spread quickly thanks to many shocked people sharing it on social media.

As the ad continues on, though, it becomes clear that doggie duties will be the easiest part of the job description.

To make it "easy" on job seekers, there's an extremely detailed daily schedule that's broken down hour-by-hour.

must love dogs hours
credit: Craigslist

To the surprise of no one, the couple also includes detailed instructions as to how to apply for this position.

If you want this dog-sitting job, you must video yourself providing intimate details about your life.

must love dogs application rules
credit: Craigslist

The couple has responded to some requests for comment and has made it clear they have no regrets about how they presented the position.

The duo also assures everyone that their 40-pound dog doesn't always need to be carried up stairs — they just want to hire someone willing to do so if necessary.

So if you love animals (especially dogs), enjoy having every moment of your day planned out by the people you're working for, and are a well-rounded perfect-sounding human being with nothing but time on your hands, this may be the incredible opportunity of a lifetime.