International Manhunt Begins For A Missing Stuffed Animal

Keep your eyes and ears peeled, people, because there is a beloved stuffed dog on the loose and people across the globe are on the lookout for it.

Sleepy Dog, as his beloved young owner Phoebe calls him, was last seen while the family was on a trip to Toronto.

The stuffed animal had enjoyed two weeks in Canada with his family and bestie Phoebe when, to their horror, the family discovered around 4 p.m. that he somehow, somewhere went missing.

Though they did their best to retrace every step from their day's adventures, they were unable to locate the pup before they had to catch a flight back to the United Kingdom.

Pheobe was understandably distraught.

So her family set up a Facebook page to explain the situation and begin an international manhunt for the small, floppy, pink and white dog.

According to her family, Pheobe and Sleepy Dog have been basically inseparable since her dad brought him home from a gas station one day.

Though the search has gone viral, there's still no update on the whereabouts of Sleepy Dog.

Phoebe is bravely facing the adverse situation, and apparently doing better each day.

No doubt the fact that people everywhere are searching for her cherished canine helps her to deal with the situation.

The family is using Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #FindSleepyDog to help connect possible leads.

Hopefully soon, somebody will spot the stuffed friend and get in touch with the family.

That will help Phoebe, Sleepy Dog, and the rest of the world, sleep a little easier at night.

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