You Won't Believe What This Dog Did To Avoid Leaving The Park

Disagreement is a fundamental element of the human condition. And, apparently, the animal condition is no different.

That's one takeaway, at least, from a hilarious video trending this week on Facebook and the social web.

The star of said clip: A loveable and disobedient golden retriever who repeatedly flops to the ground when her owner signals it is time to leave the park (which, judging by the narrator's accent, is somewhere in Australia).

Despite repeated pleas from her human dog dad, the pup refuses to go — which is totally relatable, because who amongst us hasn't thrown a tantrum at least once in their lives — and even feigns death to stall the inevitable outcome.

The back-and-forth negotiations take on a performative aspect, a point highlighted by the man's attempt to use a bit of reverse psychology by removing the leash and threatening to leave without her.

While that threat was ultimately a hollow one, the stubborn doggo eventually relents and ambles after him, which draws a hearty round of applause — and LOLs — from the spectators assembled around them and engrossed in this very public and very adorable tiff.

Watch the whole thing in the vid embedded below.

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Posted by Kristen Bohlsen on Sunday, August 6, 2017

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