Episode 13: The Surprising Truth About The Family Dog

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There is nothing that reflects the American zeitgeist more fully than the family dog. From Rin Tin Tin to Brian on the Family Guy, we've canonized our best friends in films, books, movies, and television shows.

We freaking love dogs (and cats ... let's not forget cats), which is why it's important that we tell you how to find one of your own and how to play with them! You can score a few backyard games and super easy-to-make DIY dog toys in this episode too. Renee and Allegra even give you pointers on how to get your pupper 5K-ready for the next family fun run!


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We also bulk up your Hulu and Nextlix queues with the most binge-worthy shows that star famous pups. C'mon, dogs on the silver screen! Listen to this episode already. And if you like what you hear, rate and review us, and then check out our podcast about the peculiar daytime rituals of cats and dogs.

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